Advantages and disadvantages of Different modes of transport

By | May 28, 2010

Transportation plays a major role in the economy. It increases the production efficiency and it links to the logistics system. Vehicle should have some characteristics which are used for easy transport of goods and services.

Transportation is generally of two types. They are public transport and transport for non generic-use. Public transport is nothing but which is used for meeting the needs of all sectors of the people for transportation of goods and services. Transport non-generic will be for the plant operations here the transportation means may be by the non-transport enterprises.

Coming to the different types of transport which are usage generally are:
1.  Rail:

  • Ability of loading and unloading goods and services is more.
  • Frequency of delivering the goods over long distances is more.
  • Climatic conditions have no effect
  • No traffic or congestion easy movement of the vehicle.


  • Capital and initial investments are more.
  • High material usage for the construction and even the fuel consumption
  • The above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the rail.

2.  Road:

  • High flexibity and ability to move the vehicles fastly.
  • Uses different routes to reach the destination quickly.
  • Does door to door service
  • High safety for the cargo.
  • Chance to select the carrier which is suitable for carrying the goods.


  • It mostly depends on climatic conditions.
  • High cost for long distances.
  • Productivity is low.
  • Some of the advantages and disadvantages are discussed above.

3.  Air:

  • Highest speed
  • Even delivers goods to remote places.
  • High reliability


  • Highest cost of transportation.
  • Even adverse weather conditions effect the transportation.
  • Material and fuel consumption is costly.

4. Water:

  • It is economical mode for transporting heavy loads and even cargo.
  • It is the safest mode which provides convenience to the people without accidents.
  • Cost of construction and maintenance is very low.
  • It even provides international transport


  • It is highly affected by the weather conditions.
  • It requires large initial investment
  • It is a slow process.

So, these are some means of transport.

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  3. Frieda

    Transport is very important in any organization because we cannot do any thing with out transport.thank you for the information.

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    really transportation is very important for all companies thanks a lot for this useful info.

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