5 Stress Relief Activities to Reduce Your Stress Level

In today’s world, there is one single factor which connects all the urban people irrespective of social, economic, geographic and demographic differences and it is stress. Whether you are a student or a corporate honcho, if you lead an urban life, you are bound to be affected by stress. Now, to eliminate the root cause… Read More »

Pros & Cons of using SaaS services

SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to the way of delivering software over the Internet to the connected users. The service is provided to the customers through devices that are connected to the internet without worrying about buying any hardware, software, updates and maintenance costs. It is also considered as a web based or on-demand… Read More »

Categorization of Plant life Cycle

We humans are too busy in our life that we don’t get enough time for workouts or any creative things that can bring us close to the nature. When we disconnect ourselves from nature our productivity in every work starts decreasing. So to get better results we need to adopt activities like gardening as a… Read More »

What is Draft?

In thermal electric energy generation, boilers play an important role in the production of the electricity. The air and gases flow rate inside the boilers is maintained by the set of fans called draft fans. There are mainly two kinds of draft fans – forced draft fans and induced draft fans. The main purpose of… Read More »