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Dec 23 / Miranda Lambert

How a Web Hosting Providers Work for Your Website

Have you ever wondered how a web host works? If you have a service hired for your site, it is good to know as you are paying them for getting the hosting service. Knowing these aspects will help you understand the intricacies involved in web hosting and to get issues resolves with little no loss to your business. We help you out through the valuable information regarding how your web hosting works.

Provides various types of hosting plans and hosts your site
According to the needs of their clients’ sites, web hosting companies come up with various hosting plans. These plans include various types of service levels and technologies based on the requirements. They will assign an IP address for hosting your website and you need to make sure to keep the IP address confidential for security reasons.

All clients won’t have the same requirements. Therefore, a web hosting service provider comes up with different plans to attract customers. Hosting companies host your site based on the type of plan that you have chosen for your website.

Manages domains and sub-domains
People when take hosting service will get their domain or sub-domain registered with the hosting company and they should be associated with the IP address, which is stored in the web hosting provider’s name servers. So, they will manage your domain or sub-domain. Here, the name server is responsible for the functioning of the main or sub-domain. The issues regarding the domain and sub-domain names are managed by the web hosting company.

website monitoringSets up and runs your website
Web hosting companies will do all the necessary things in your site like installations, software, server setup, etc. They can quickly do all these modifications and make your site visible on the search engine. This can’t be done by an individual without any technical knowledge. So, web hosting providers will help you on this matter.

Understands IP addresses
As there will be huge amount of connections over the internet understanding the IP address is important for the web hosting company to host your site. So, they will assign a unique IP address to understand easily and pick out quickly your domain.

Allocates resources
The hosting company allocates all the necessary resources for your website and monitors you site regularly and provides the customer support for the clients from time to time. The resources and the services they provide will be based on the hosting plan you have chosen for your website.

This is how the hosting providers work for their clients website and helps them out in all the issues.

Oct 6 / Robert Earl

Minimize Website Downtime by Website Monitoring

public uptime statisticsWorried about your website’s downtime? At a certain point of time every website faces this issue, and it becomes a major drawback to your website. But you don’t need to frustrate with this issue because you have a solution here. To minimize your websites downtime, you just need to do a few things, which brings your website to live back.

Check for security issues
Start by checking every nook and corner of your website. Check for hacking or other problems in your website. If any unnecessary activities were found in your website try to resolve those problems on your own or with the help of your website monitoring service provider. Meanwhile inform your website visitors about the problem that your website is facing.

Regular software updates
Now-a-days hacking attacks have become common online as most servers use public Internet. This is because of lack of proper maintenance of your website software. So, in order to make your website secure, check for the latest updates of all your software related and upgrade them along with the plugins.

Use strong passwords
On more solution to protect your website from attacks is using strong passwords that are un-breakable. Make sure that your password is complicated so that, you protect your site against password hacking attacks for acquiring your valuable information.

Manage resources on your server
Managing resource is very important for a website to run properly. Resources of your sever will be limited as per the type of server you are having that can be of any kind like shared or dedicated.

Whether it may be any kind of server you need to manage the resources with respect to disk space, RAM and CPU. These are the major things and if disk space or the RAM are out of space or if there are any power issues with CPU, your website performance degrades and start hanging. Therefore, check for the bottleneck and manage them by taking necessary actions.

Take the help of your website monitoring service
If you are not having the technical skills to work on your website, take the help of a website monitoring service. They will work more efficiently to resolve your websites problem especially during the downtime of your website and intimate you as soon as your website is having an issue. For this, you need to hire a good and reputed website monitoring service provider for your website.

This all steps will help you in reducing the downtime of your website. Getting notified and solving, the issue at the early stage is important. This will make your website function properly and brings it to the previous stage.
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Mar 5 / PT

Online Merchandizing is Technical Behavioral Merchandizing

adserverBehavioral merchandising is important to every business where they are able to approach their customer in a right direction. Behavioral merchandising is an art where they are observing the individual buying decisions.

Understanding the customers behavior is important, where merchandisers can easily promote their products to influence the visitors individual buying decisions and to increase the business revenue. The behavioral study considers the points like where they are coming from? searching for what?, how they make buying decisions?, etc.

Behavioral merchandising is more effective than customer segmentation, which segments the customers on the basis of their buying behaviors. This behavioral merchandising is important in maximizing the conversation rate of the visitors and websites to get the greater average order values.

Behavioral merchandising is beneficial to merchandisers to convert the website traffic into sales. Behavioral merchandising is important to merchandisers for providing average product margin to improve the cost of goods sold.

Behavioral merchandising means to customizing the contributed information to generate the sales automatically. People can call it as an intersection of retail merchandising and social networks because it creates the pleasant and interesting personal shopping experiences to visitors. read more…

Feb 24 / PT

Want to Know About Types of Teeth and Their Functioning?

Teeth help us to break, chew and digest the food particles, teeth play an important role in speech, giving smile and impact our overall health. Humans have two sets of teeth, one is primary and the other is permanent ones. Teeth begin developing in uterus, or during pregnancy. A set of 20 “milk teeth” will be there until the age of six. In the second set, humans develop 32 permanent teeth which consist of four different types. Each type of tooth has its own shape and performs a different work. Incisors, canines, premolars and molars are the four types of teeth.

The incisors are located in the front and the center of the mouth. Eight teeth (two sets of four teeth i.e., 4 in the upper and the 4 in the lower jaws) that have horizontal and sharp edges are used for biting and cutting of the food particles.

The canines are located on each side to the incisors. Four canine teeth are there which is also known as cuspids and one in each quadrant of the upper and lower jaw. These are the sharpest, stronger and larger and are used for ripping,tearing, shredding and piercing motions.

The premolars are also known as bicuspids and are located behind the canine teeth. Total eight premolars are there. Two premolar teeth are there behind each side of the canine teeth in the upper and lower jaw. These are used for chewing and grinding of food.

The molars a type of teeth with a flattened surface are used for final chewing, crushing and grinding food before swallowing. Most of the chewing occurs in the back of the jaw by the molar teeth. Three molars in each quadrant of the jaw, with a combined total of 12 are present in humans. The molars have numbered names according to their location: first molars are adjacent to second premolars towards the back of the mouth, with second and third molars following consecutively. The third molars are often called the wisdom teeth. read more…

Dec 29 / kpcuser12

What is Draft?

In thermal electric energy generation, boilers play an important role in the production of the electricity. The air and gases flow rate inside the boilers is maintained by the set of fans called draft fans. There are mainly two kinds of draft fans – forced draft fans and induced draft fans. The main purpose of the draft fans is to supply the required amount of air inside the boiler and to remove the gases that are formed after combustion of the fuel. The draft fans used in the industry may vary depending upon the type of the industry, size and shape of the boiler.

Meaning of draft
The difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure inside a boiler is called draft. It can also be defined as the pressure difference between motion of fuel gases and the air flow. Draft in the boiler is produced by the rise of the combustion gases in the stack, fuel or by any mechanical means.

Types of Drafts

  • Natural Draft    
    In this kind of draft air and fuel gases flow due to differences in the density of the hot gases and ambient air. When the density difference creates pressure difference it moves the hotter fuel gases into the cooler environment. The chimney must be kept warm enough to exhaust the burnt fuel gases. The pressure inside the system is negative with this kind of draft. Natural draft system do not have any kind of fan arrangement in it.
  • Forced Draft
    When air flow and fuel gases are maintained at higher pressure it is called as forced draft. This phenomenon is seen at air inlet of the combustion chamber. All oil burners and few gas burners use forced draft. We cannot use a single forced draft system, but two forced draft systems can be coupled. Some forced draft systems produce negative vent pressure as in case of conventional oil furnace and some produce positive vent pressure as in case of gas furnaces.
  • Induced Draft
    In the induced draft, the air flow and fuel gases flow is maintained at low pressure.     This phenomenon is seen at outlet of the fuel gases after combustion. Induced draft is produced in order to move the exhaust gases faster. This helps in the quick burning of the next set of fuel. If the induced draft system is not available in the  process there can be     traces of burnt gases which reduce the efficiency of the system.
  • Balanced Draft
    In balanced draft the static pressure inside the combustion chamber becomes equal to the atmospheric pressure. In this kind of draft there is no action of fan, as the system is balanced.The induced and forced draft process involves the action of the fan in order to increase the efficiency of the system. Draft fans can be either centrifugal or axial.
Nov 18 / kpcuser4

Retrofitting of Industrial Fans

Centrifugal FanRetrofitting is changing one or more parts of an equipment to make design modifications so that it improves the effect of existing performance. Fan retrofit is a profitable exercise for companies and have a great impact on company’s yield, profit and safety. Almost all type of centrifugal fans and axial fans can be retrofitted.

Need for retrofitting

  • Optimization of existing fans
    • Retrofitting of industrial fans involves adding of a component to the existing fans system in order to achieve increased performance.
    • In fans, retrofitting helps in changing the system resistance either to increase or decrease it.
    • If system resistance did not match with the pressure at the best efficiency point, the fan will not deliver its best output. System resistance is a kind of pressure demanded by system connected to fan for a given flow rate of gases.
    • As the retrofitting is done, in the working area itself an individual can have their choices on how to modify the system.
  • Economic alternative
    • Retrofitting is an economic alternative as there is no need to buy an entire new system. It also involves less time for installation.
    • Retrofitting involves simple part assembles which does not require skilled labor. This requires man power who can work for lesser pay than more skilled workers.
  • Regulate pollution
    • Retrofitting indirectly helps in controlling the pollution as the performance of the fan is increased. Due to performance increase, a fan will perform more work at the same given input. Secondly, when the fan is retrofitted the amount of contaminant gases will be effectively taken out of the work place and this helps in regulation of pollution.

Key ways of retrofitting

  • When the flow of a fan is reduced, rotor and inlet cone are replaced in order to enhance flow and pressure for the same input power of an industrial fan.
  • Industrial fan also consists of small parts which are to be modified to obtain increased efficiency. The parts which are involved are casing of fan, inlet boxes, dampers and silencers etc.
  • Bearings in fan are one of the most important parts. The life of a fan depends on the working condition of bearings. Retrofitting of bearings will ensure more life and lesser maintenance.
  • Industrial fan consists of rotating parts, which cause wear of the material. Changing the material of construction of rotor or any other parts of fan will result in good wear life.
  • Retrofitting also involves design changes and modifications for lesser noise and power consumption.

Retrofitting is a better alternative to optimize the fan performance. This enhancement process is very cost-effective, advantages and requires less time span.

Apr 24 / Williams

Basics of Labor Laws

Individuals who are employed are protected by a variety of labor laws. These regulations give workers a security and rights within a work place. The main goal of this laws is to render a healthy and safe working environment. Employers who defy labor laws face suspension or a loss of license, penalties and fines and imprisonment in extreme cases.

Working people across the world have the right to coordinate in order to address a range of issues, the most critical being benefits and working conditions, wages etc. with labor lawyers being the exception most of us doesn’t know every single law that does or doesn’t protect as working people.

The basic labor law rights are as follows:

  • Right to bargain for a contract collectively that sets benefits, hours, wages ad other working conditions.
  • Right to act with coworkers by raising complaints to improve thew working conditions with a government agency or an employer.
  • Right to discuss working conditions, wages or a union in certain settings or organizing with co workers.
  • The right to join or form a union.
  • The right to strike.

The laws enforced offers protection in the important areas of:

  • workers compensation
  • work place safety and health
  • plant closings and layoff
  • wages and hours
  • employee befits
  • medical leave or time off for family
  • Benefits for Retirement

The following are few acts responsible for enforcing and administering laws that establish acceptable standards for working conditions and wages:

Fair labor standards act: This law affects both public and private employment. This act requires employers to pay covered non exempt employees a least of the federal overtime pay or minimum wage for all hours.

  • Compensable hours worked include the time an employee is on duty or at prescribed work place and time that an employee is permitted to work.

Migrant and seasonal agricultural worker protection act: This act requires agricultural employers, labor contractors and agricultural associations who employ workers to

  • Comply with state and federal health and safety standards if they provide shelter(housing) for migrant workers.
  • Pay the workers wages owed when due.
  • Provide with written disclosure of the employment terms and conditions.
  • Also ensure that the vehicles used to transport their workers are operated by licensed rivers, properly insured and meet the state and federal safety standards.

Whether you are a business owner or a worker you should know about these laws. ignoring these legal matters may be one of the common causes for problems in work place leading to disputes and disagreements.

Apr 16 / Mervin Giles

Simple Steps to Take Care Your Dentures

Dentures when implanted have to maintained and care should be taken properly to avoid unnecessary and costly repair. Caring your dentures helps in maintaining your over all mouth health. It may be either a partial or full dentures they have to be kept in good condition and for this the following guide provides you with necessary information.

Steps for caring your dentures

Cosmetic Dentist LondonDaily brushing of the dentures
Oral hygiene is as important for the dentures similar to the way the real teeth are taken care of. After taking out the dentures every night ensure to clean them by brushing gently thus removing the food particles, stains and dental plaque. A soft bristled denture brush with a cleanser or a mild hand soap can be used for cleaning them effectively.

Do not forget to clean gums, palate and tongue
Mouth should be kept clean by brushing your tongue, gums and palate twice a day every evening and morning before reinserting the dentures back which helps in keeping the dentures clean. Brushing stimulates blood circulation in the mouth and gums thus removing plaque buildup.

Cheap Dental ImplantsSoak the dentures when not in use
Dentures have to be kept moist by soaking them either in water or any cleansing solution if your dentist provides. Because soaking enables the dentures to retain in shape and avoid them drying out. Hot water shouldn’t be used for soaking because they may cause them to deform.

Schedule and follow up appointments with your dentist
Follow up with your dentist with regular appointment in case you are a wearing the dentures for the first time . Because they cause soreness in your cheeks and discomfort hence get the adjustments done to avoid serious problems in near future.

Careful handling of your dentures
Dentures have to e handled carefully while removing and reinserting them else they break down if dropped down over a hard surface.

Practice speaking and chewing
Initially dentures make you feel uncomfortable while speaking and chewing hence they have to be practiced gradually to help improve pronouncing and chewing larger food particles.

Better to avoid denture repair kits
Never go repairing your own dentures if they undergo any damage and better head to your dentists for fixing them up.

Get the dentures regularly relined
Bone structures and gums gets altered through out your life time and in case of people wearing dentures they cause the dentures to loosen. Dentures if not present with proper fitting will rise infections and soreness in your cheeks. Getting the dentures relined by your dentists is essential to avoid unnecessary infections in your mouth once in every 3 years.

Proper care for your dentures have to be taken and also they have to be remade every 5-6 years to avoid facial appearance changes which becomes difficult to correct in the long run.
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Apr 15 / Miranda Lambert

Get to Know Diagnodent Makes Caries Detection Easier

Diagnodent is a handy laser instrument. This technology is used to scans teeth for detecting any hidden decays if present. It helps protect and preserve the functionality of the tooth.

Building up of bacteria on the occlusal or smooth surfaces of teeth and gums, leads to form a soft sticky layer called plaque. The bacteria feed on the sugar that we eat and drink and produce acids. These acids attack the tooth surface and gradually dissolve the outer coating of tooth (enamel). If frequent sugar consumption continues the enamel will eventually break down and a hole (cavity) will appear leading to demineralization of dental enamel leading to destruction.

Flouridation at certain extent and efficient oral hygiene habits halt the progression of the lesion and also may lead to remineralization. As present diagnostic tools are not sensitive enough hence expertsput forward a modern approach of preventing it rather than invasive repair by using tools based on flourescence and diagnodent being the one among them.

Working with diagnodent
Diagnodent caries detector operates at a wavelenth range of 655 nm and at this specific wavelength healthy tooth structure does not exhibit little or no fluorescence indicating reading on display to be of a low scale.further for carious tooth structure the amount of flourescnece emitted will be proportional to the extent of caries detection where elevated scale readings are displayed hence through the practitioner can go with a more accurate treatment for curing it. Also a audio signal operates which allows the operator to hear changes occuring in the scale values thus enabling one to focus more on the patient than the device.

Analysis of the results obtained in a diagnodent

Stage D – value Interpretation & Result
1 Up to 20 Dissolvation of the enamel resulting a lesion
2 21-30 Frequent acid attacks allowed the decay to travel deeper
3 31-60 Decaying entered the softer layer dentine
4 61-99 Destroy of the softer dentine layer even more
5 99 Decay of the pulp chamber (nerves and blood vessels)
6 N/A Tooth has been destroyed

Secure detection of caries – benefits at a glance

  • Improved patient loyalty due to pleasant methods of treatment and successful prevention .
  • Reduced use of the manual probe, decreased abrasion of the enamel .
  • Gentle measurement enables without the unnecessary removal of healthy enamel.
  • 90% accurate in caries detection have been proved.
  • Uses minimal invasive techniques including micro rotary instrumentation, air abrasion, etc.
  • Allows monitoring of caries prognosis.
  • Small portable device which is simple to operate.

Diagnodent can be proved by (High patient loyalty + improved service = increased success of your dental practice) hence usage of efficient techniques for caries detection has been proved succesful and is widely used in hospitals for effective diagnosis and treatment.
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Mar 24 / Miranda Lambert

Stages of OSHA’s Inspection

OSHA starts its inspection process in several stages, once the complaint is reported in the OSHA office. So, if you are an employee or an employer of the organization, you must be aware of the inspection process; because, it can happen any time without a prior notice; and in fact, if anyone informs about the inspection in advance they are subjected to a possible fine or jail sentence.

Before inspection
Before starting the inspection, compliance office of the OSHA will undertake the research about the inspection history of the workplace, with the help of various information sources. OSHA will also review the processes in use along with the standards that are likely to be applicable. OSHA will gather the necessary testing instruments and personal protective equipment, in order to measure the potential hazard in the workplace.

Presenting inspector credentials
Once the above process is finished, the onsite inspection will start from presenting the credentials of the compliance officer with a serial number and a photograph. The officer will display these credentials when he/she appears at the site, and asks the employer or representative responsible for that to meet; and it is the responsibility of the employer to ask the credentials of the compliance officer. For this, he/she should make a call to the nearest OSHA state or federal office to confirm the same.

Opening conference
In this stage, the compliance officer will explain reason for the inspection in that workplace, apart from explaining about the scope of the inspection, walk around processes, employee interview and employee representation. Then, in order to accompany the OSHA compliance officer during the inspection, the employer will select the representative and an authorized employee representative can also join them. In any situation, the compliance officer is permitted to privately consult the reasonable number of employees at the time of inspection.

Walk around
After that, the compliance officer will walk through the areas of the workplace for inspecting the hazards that may lead to the injuries or illness. Also, the officer will review the workplace for illness and injury reports, and posting of OSHA posters in the workplace. He/she may also point out the violations that can be immediately corrected, apart from trying to minimize the interruptions that may happen at the time of inspection. Of course, they keep the information confidential about the trade secrets they observe in the workplace.

Closing of the conference
At last, the compliance officer holds a closing conference with the representatives of the employee and the employers. They would discuss about the findings in the workplace, possible course of actions that employer should take after the inspection which could be contesting citations and proposed penalties. Compliance officer also discusses about the employee rights and consultation.

These are various stages of the OSHA inspection that you should be aware of.
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Feb 24 / Robert Earl

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Traditional dentistry deals with oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating oral diseases, while cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of person’s smile, mouth and teeth.
Technological advancements made cosmetic dental treatments more predictable and durable than in past years.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments usually includes:

Composite bonding: It helps to repair or correct the appearance of broken, chipped, decayed or discolored teeth.

  • Composite material with a look of dentin and enamel is applied on to the surface or cavity of the tooth and then sculpted in to its shape, then contoured and hardened with high intensity light.
  • Composite bonding results in restoration that blends with the surrounding tooth structure and the rest of natural teeth thus creating a healthy and bright smile.

Inlays/ On-lays: They are also known as indirect fillings that are made from composite materials or porcelain which are durable and lasts long to provide a way for filling teeth with any structural damage or tooth decay.

Teeth whitening: It is a common dentistry procedure often done with teeth which are stained from food and drinks, smoking and poor oral hygiene habits.
Bleaching your teeth enhances the appearance of your smile.

Smile makeover: This treatment involves the assessment of smile esthetics for improving its overall appearance.

  • Requirement for other dental procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening, dental veener’s for both the upper and lower jaw teeth is recommended in order to achieve the look you want.

Dental implants: These are artificial tooth replacements that are used as a part prosthetic dentistry to compensate tooth loss.

Dental veeners: Laminates made of porcelain or composite materials are made adhesive and bonded to the surface of tooth that needs to be repaired for cracks and chips. Dental veener’s improves severe discoloration and worn appearance of tooth.

Dental crowns: These are referred to as caps which are custom made to fit your entire tooth.

  • They are usually made of porcelain or acrylic fused to metal for withstanding the pressure caused by biting.
  • Crowns can be used to treat tooth that are decayed, poorly shaped, chipped or broken and have had fillings to cover spaces between teeth.

This information may help you in learning about the different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures.
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Feb 6 / Miranda Lambert

Gardening Equipment & Tools: Uses and Importance

Gardening requires various tools and equipment for making a beautiful space in and around your home. In this article, basic tools and equipment which are required for gardening are mentioned with their uses and importance.

miniature gardenWatering can
It is one of the essential gardening tools used for watering the plants. Provide weed killers and also fertilizing the plants. They are usually made out different materials like brass, ceramic, copper, plastic with varied sizes ranging up to 10 liters.

These are one of the tools that are available in the form of saw and knives and used for cutting down the stems, branches and shrubs. it is also used to dig out the soil before planting seeds. Pruning saw is provided with larger teeth and rough surface and use din cutting limbs and small branches.

It is one of the essential tool in gardening which protects the hands from cuts, thorns, blisters and sunburns. Various gloves are designed based on the gardening tasks.

  • Leather gloves are what which lack flexibility and protects hands from sharp objects and thorns.
  • Seedling gloves are usually waterproof and provides extra ability to work effectively.
  • Full length gloves are those which reach up to your elbows and protects hands from sun burn.

Utility bags
Through out the gardening process utility bags makes an important part which is generally used for carrying the tools while gardening. Also debris from the garden and the discarded weeds can be placed in the utility bags.

Gardening forks
Gardening forks has many uses in gardening where it is used to dig out the soil and loosen up the compacted form of soil. Loose materials like leaves, tree clippings and compost formed by pruning can be collected using gardening forks.

One of the basic tools used in gardening for cutting down the over grown branches, dead flowers and stems.

These are narrow and long with a blade at the edge where a transplanting spade used to dig up the soil for accommodating the plant root in the soil. It helps to remove the damaged weed and doesn’t damage the adjacent plants. While fork spades can be used to pile up the loose debris such as tree clippings and leaves.

Hoes are the gardening tools used to remove weeds and digging up the soil for plantation. They come along with a long handle and a flat perpendicular blade at the end. Two types of hoes namely, draw hoes and push hoes are used – the former is allowed to move forward over the newly hoed weed and the latter is moved back wards on the ground, which is not drilled up and avoids walking over the hoed part.

Aerators are used to provide aeration to the soil by penetrating them into the earth thus increasing the uptake of oxygen, nutrients, water promoting growth of the plant.

Gardening tools and equipment constitute an important part while people opt to start a garden at their place. The above information provides with various gardening equipments and tools generally used for gardening.
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Dec 30 / Miranda Lambert

Employer Responsibilities under OSHA

If you are a business owner or an employer of an organization, then you have several responsibilities under OSHA. Do you want to know what your responsibilities are? Then, go through the below information.

Keeping workplace free from recognized hazard and complying with OSHA standards
OSHA requires employer to make health and safety as a priority in the organization. In general, it requires employers for – maintaining some conditions and adopting best practices necessary for protecting the workers in the job. They should be familiar with the standards that are applicable to the workplace and also comply with those standards. They must also ensure that the workers are given personal protective equipment and are allowed using the same, when necessary and complying with “General Duty Clause” of OSH Act where there are no specific standards.

Providing required training for employees with OSHA standards
OSHA considers that training is the important aspect in protecting the workers from illness and injuries. Employee has the right for receiving training from an employer; and it is the employer’s responsibility to provide the training with OSHA standards on a variety of safety and health hazards, and standards such as – confined spaces, fall protection, chemical right to know, etc.

Many OSHA standards require the employer to train the employees regarding the health and safety aspects of the job and other OSHA regulations make the employer responsible for limiting the assignments of the job for those employees who are qualified and certified. It means they have had special previous training in or out of the workplace.

Some of the OSHA construction standards include the requirement of general training that states, “The employer will instruct the employees in identifying and avoiding the unsafe conditions and also the standards that are applicable to the employee work environment for eliminating or controlling any hazards or exposure to illness or injury.” There are also some other additional training requirements for workers in construction as well as other employees of various businesses. So, employer should make sure that adequate training is given to the employees of their organization.

Keeping the records of the injuries and illness
Employer should keep all the records of the employees’ injury and illness that include – setting up a reporting system, providing the copies of logs when they are requested by the employees, posting the annual summary, reporting within 8 hours of any accidents that results in hospitalization or fatality of 3 or more than 3 workers. It is one of the important parts of the employer’s responsibility. It helps OSHA for identifying the high hazard industries and intimates the employer and workers regarding the illness and the injuries in the work place.

Not to discriminate the workers covered under this Act
OSHA prohibits the discrimination of the employer against employees for exercising the employee rights under this Act. If the employees feel that they are discriminated for exercising their safety and health rights under OSHA, they can make a report of the discrimination to the nearest OSHA office within the given limit of time. Usually, OSHA gives 30 days’ time for reporting.

Other responsibilities of the employer include:

  • Providing medical exams when required under the OSHA standards; and giving access to the exposure and medical records.
  • Posting OSHA abatement verification notices and citations.
  • Providing and paying for PPE.