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Foods You Should Avoid While You are Practicing Yoga

Yoga gives a lot of importance to diet because the presence and condition of the body depends on the type of the food we eat. A well-balanced food and proper diet helps body develop positive thinking whereas some foods will create negative thinking which affects the body and mind. A yogic diet is one which… Read More »

Why is Yoga Important in Your Life?

These days, many of us are familiar with the word “Yoga”. Some people have knowledge of how to do it and some people have just heard or familiar with the name. For those who know or who try yoga, continue practicing for many reasons such as for relieving stress, just enjoyment, body flexibility, feeling better,… Read More »

Know How Yoga Improves Blood Circulation of the Body

Blood circulation is the key to the well functioning of the entire body system. A tiny block or an obstruction in the blood flow may result in serious health problems. Continuous flow of pure blood from heart to the different body parts and impure blood from all the body parts to the blood is essential… Read More »

Know About Water Yoga

Water yoga also called as aqua yoga is nothing but performing the regular yoga under water. Due to the unique properties of water it is found to be perfect for doing some of the exercises like yoga inside water. People of all fitness levels will enjoy water yoga. Many health problems such as arthritis, obesity,… Read More »