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Minimize Website Downtime by Website Monitoring

Worried about your website’s downtime? At a certain point of time every website faces this issue, and it becomes a major drawback to your website. But you don’t need to frustrate with this issue because you have a solution here. To minimize your websites downtime, you just need to do a few things, which brings… Read More »

Terms to Know in Website Monitoring

If you are performing website monitoring or if you own a website, you should be familiar with some terms that are used often when it comes to website monitoring. Listed here are terms that you need to know. 1. Uptime This is very important term and this plays a major role in overall website performance.… Read More »

Types of Websites

Today, people are using the Internet to visit websites they like. Even people who do not know how to operate a computer are familiar with the word website. In the websites there are so many types. Some of the most popular type of the websites are as follows:

Get to Know Different Types of Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is critical for every business website. As it affects the search engine ranking, reputation and credibility of your site. Any serious issue associated with it, can become a nightmare for a business owner. In this post, you will see what is website monitoring and its types. What is website monitoring? Website monitoring is… Read More »