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Posts tagged ‘Translation and Interpretation’

  • 07.4.11Know How Quality of Translation is Measured?

    In order to reach the goal of translation that is to ensure that the source and the target texts communicates the same meaning it is necessary to have some standards in the field of translation. Then only the companies offering translation services will be judged on their quality. And in turn it is also useful […]

  • 05.27.11Language Interpretation and Its Types

    Language interpretation is facilitating of oral or sign language communication between the users of different languages. An interpreter is a person who converts a thought or expression in one language into an expression with a comparable meaning in to other language in real time. Following are the different types of language interpretations: Legal Interpretation: Also […]

  • 02.8.11How to Choose a Good Web Translator

    With the increase of multi-national companies, businesses are being distributed among diverse societies. As every society is made up of their own languages, there arises a big problem of communication between the businesses and the target audience. To remove language barriers and to facilitate business related communication with the audiences, translation becomes the effective tool. […]

  • 04.5.10Difference Between Interpretor And Translator

    Interpreters and translators do same tasks, but in different background. An interpreter will convert any spoken material from one language (the source language) into another language (the target language), a translator will convert written material in the similar manner. Interpreting can take place in settings, like conferences, meetings and over the telephone, and can beĀ  […]

  • 09.14.09Professional Translation Agencies

    To survive in the fierce translation business, professional translators and agencies need to be more professional than in other profession. As consumers can now use Internet to locate any translation agencies in any countries easily, professionalism in the translation industry is not a choice anymore. It has become a necessity in order to survive in […]

  • 07.1.09Career As A Translator

    In the recent days of insecure jobs, it is hard to choose an industry to start your career with. Translation is one of those potential industries, which helps you to stay in a secure career, even in the times of invasions of things like recession. I will try to explain your career as a translator […]