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Vehicle’s Telematics System Basics

The new telematics systems number is more than doubled in the recent years from automakers. The systems like OnStar provide peace of mind in catastrophic events or crashes to the vehicle owners and their families. They are not only for emergencies, but also for conveniences (such as remote door unlocking) and offer navigation services etc.… Read More »

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, the most popular technology is being used by many organizations in recent years. It is the characteristics of cloud computing that is making it a favorite way of computing for many users. The 10 typical characteristics of cloud computing which is making it popular are: 1. Flexibility Cloud computing is flexible to its… Read More »

History of Cloud Computing

The word “cloud” is derived from the figure of a cloud which is used to represent the internet connection between the service provider and the end user. The evolution or history of cloud computing can be traced to early 1990s and underwent many changes since. The basis of cloud computing is the Internet. Let us… Read More »

Service Models in Cloud Computing

A cloud contains various services such as storage devices, virtual networks, platforms, applications etc. The user might request the cloud for any service. Cloud just cannot send all services it is holding for every single request. For an instance, let us assume that the user might request just for a software or for a platform… Read More »

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Apart from improving features of the e-mail system, the Microsoft has developed the software called Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The processes which are used for transforming the businesses like integrating business investments , implementing efficient working practices are included in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is a cost effective solution. Because of the… Read More »