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Posts tagged ‘Substance abuse’

  • 01.31.12Higher Death Risk Among Smokers with Prostrate Cancer

    Illicit drug use has become common among the people of the United States. Among the many illegal drugs, tobacco use is most prevalent. It is known that smoking results in many serious health effects. The carcinogenic substances present in tobacco smoke are responsible for various types of cancer in smokers. A study conducted by the […]

  • 01.24.12Know About SAMHSA 5 Cut Off Levels of Various Drugs

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA), after conducting many surveys and researches released the list of five most popularly abused drugs. The list gives the detailed information of all the drugs and its metabolites which enables the users to check for those drugs since they are found to be popularly used. Many companies […]

  • 011.25.11Know About the Different Stages of Drug Abuse

    Substance abuse has now been considered as a disease instead of a moral problem. It has been classified into different stages which enables the psychiatric professionals to help the drug abused individuals based on their status. These stages include experimentation, regular use, risky behavior, dependence and addiction. More often, many people start taking drugs to […]

  • 011.25.11Know the Symptoms of Dry Drunk Syndrome

    It is a great idea to avoid drinking alcohol. However, people who quit alcohol may often suffer from an issue called dry drunk syndrome. It is a condition where an alcoholic addict retains the mental and behavioral traits which are linked with drunkenness though he or she stops drinking. It includes certain specific symptoms and […]

  • 03.16.11Risk of Drug Abuse in Pregnant Women

    Illegal drug abuse is common in youth and other people. Women are also habituated to drug abuse for various reasons. Consuming drugs by a pregnant women leads to many dangerous consequences. It effects both mother and baby. Premature births, low weight, withdrawal symptoms during birth, club foot, and poor development of brain and body are […]

  • 03.15.11What are the Side-effects of Cocaine on Heart?

    Cocaine is an illegal drug that causes a state of euphoria. It is a powerful drug that stimulates the brain, giving short bursts of energy. However, it is highly toxic and is associated with many side-effects. Based on the dosage and frequency of drug taken, the effects of cocaine varies. Continuous usage of cocaine cause […]