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  • 08.13.13History of Business Application Software

    The need of any business application software is to enhance profit by reducing expenses or by fastening the business productivity cycle. The most popular tool of business software in early days was factory accounting software which is the combination of Fixed Assets Inventory Ledgers, General Ledgers, Cost Accounting Ledgers, Accounts Receivable Ledgers and software related […]

  • 08.13.13Factors Affecting the Security of Software Applications

    Want to know factors that are creating pose threats to your software applications. Well this blog helps you know what are these issues. Many software developers are centered exclusively on software functionality and never focus on security beyond accessing the password. In the field of business software development, very less professionals on information security are […]

  • 08.13.13Security Considerations for Business Software Applications

    Information technology has become one of the most powerful business drivers in the history of humanity. It encloses a collection of servers, network devices, computer systems, communication equipment and software applications. In earlier times, enterprises moved to various levels of security failures due to exposures and defects in software applications and network functionality. As a […]

  • 04.20.11Know About the History of SaaS

    Software as a Service is a method in which the software is delivered to the users through the internet and users acquire the rights to use particular software by paying a monthly fee rather than purchasing the software. The idea of using software as a service first evolved in the late 1990s in order to […]

  • 010.5.10Know About Enterprise Application Software

    One of the main important software which is needed for the enterprises is the enterprise application software. Here, an enterprise is referred to as the business or the organization. For modeling and the development of the organizations, enterprise software is used. Many types of computer programs and tools which provide applications for the business organizations […]

  • 07.29.10Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Apart from improving features of the e-mail system, the Microsoft has developed the software called Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The processes which are used for transforming the businesses like integrating business investments , implementing efficient working practices are included in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is a cost effective solution. Because of the […]