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Posts tagged ‘Nanny Care’

  • 012.23.11Know About the Annual Reviewing of a Nanny

    It is common that you take utmost care while hiring a nanny for your children. The duties that a nanny is involved in should be made clear at the time of hiring. Arranging a written contract is mandatory when hiring a nanny. However, you also need to make sure that things related to your childcare […]

  • 012.23.11Know About the Duties of a Preschool Teacher

    With busy lifestyles, parents these days are concerned with a common problem and that is childcare. Hiring a nanny or a babysitter is one of the solutions for providing the best childcare. However, the childcare depends on the age of the children. Different things will be included in caring infants, kids below 3 years of […]

  • 07.5.11Crunch-Care Expands Nanny, Babysitting, and Care Giver Services to Orange County

    Orange County, California – Crunch Care, a premier nanny, babysitter and caregiver referral agency, recently announced that it has expanded its services to Orange County, California. Families looking for a nanny, babysitter, or general caregiver in Orange County or South Los Angeles County can call Crunch Care to find the best care available. With years […]

  • 05.10.11When is your Child too Sick to go to a Daycare Center?

    A daycare center takes care of many children. It provides specific schedules for child activities. It is the best place for fun and learning for kids. Families where both the parents go out for work keep their kids in childcare center till they return. Children sent to daycare or childcare centers, playschools or creches are […]

  • 010.19.10What are the Common Duties of a Nanny

    Nanny is a person is employed by the families to under take all the works which are related to care of kids. Generally, duties are related to child care domestic task which are related to child care. There are general working hours of a nanny from 40 to 60 hours anywhere. There are few duties […]

  • 03.2.10Crunch-Care Expands Nanny, Babysitting, and Senior Care Services Business To South Florida

    Released by: Crunch Care Inc Crunch Care expands its business of providing quality nanny, babysitting, and senior care services to South Florida Crunch Care is expanding its business of providing quality nanny, babysitting, and senior care services to South Florida. Families now looking for a South Florida Nanny, Babysitter, or general Caregiver can call on […]