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Understanding Google AdSense

Online marketing is much more effective than the traditional marketing. The benefits are quite obvious. Online marketing cover more number of prospective customers in less time and with little cost and resources. Online marketing is a very innovative and attractive way of promoting a brand or a brand product. There are a number of variants… Read More »

Terms and Definitions in Online Advertising

There are some important terms to know about the online advertising, which helps understand better about the concept. These include terms related to pricing, advertisement models and types, and other related jargon. Ad banner: Ad banner is a graphic image or other media object that is used as an advertisement. Ad flight: Advertising campaign total… Read More »

Types of Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting ads refer to a range of techniques and technologies used by Internet advertisers and publishers. In this method, visitors’ data captured by landing pages and websites based on the ads are displayed to users. There are two types of behavioral targeting, namely, onsite behavioral targeting and network behavioral targeting. The basics of these… Read More »

Know About the Challenges Confronting Online-Advertisement

Online advertisement provides more benefits to businesses by increasing the brand awareness. These promote the brand in an unique way. Online advertisements give many benefits to businesses and pose some challenges in promoting the brand. Online advertisement challenges occur due to simple mistakes at promoting the brands. Organization spending wastage: These occur when organization promotes… Read More »