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Posts tagged ‘Marijuana abuse’

  • 06.4.11Effects of Marijuana Usage Among the Teens

    Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug by the teens and this drug has undergone many changes regarding its explosion in the potency. There are many reasons for using marijuana by the teens, like peer pressure and some teens get addicted to marijuana because their older siblings or friends are consuming it in front […]

  • 01.11.11Know About Workplace Issues by Use of Marijuana

    Drug testing at workplaces has become common these days. This is conducted to detect drug abused employees. Marijuana is considered as the most popular illegal drug that is used by employees. Marijuana has many effects on employees at workplaces. Usage of marijuana may alter some of the conditions of employees. These include attention, memory, and […]

  • 011.19.10What are the Easy Ways to Conduct the Marijuana Drug Test at Home

    Earlier it was difficult to conduct a drug test. Persons need to go visit the doctor and go to the laboratory to get the results. Now a days it is easy to perform any drug test even at homes, using the drug testing kits. In the same way thc drug test can also be conducted […]

  • 08.11.10Know About Health Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

    Many designer drugs are available in the market as of today. It will spoil the life of the people. New form of marijuana called the synthetic marijuana is under use. Both the types of marijuana are dangerous for the people. Many people are suffering with the adverse effects of Synthetic marijuana usage. This is often […]

  • 07.2.10How Marijuana Abuse Effects Learning and Social Skills?

    Abuse of marijuana highly impacts learning abilities and social skills. It may lead to problems in their daily lives. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse’ s survey and study, users’ ability to learn and remembering what they learned and function in society, can be effected by the heavy use of marijuana. Using heavy marijuana […]