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Posts tagged ‘Liability Insurance’

  • 010.17.11Know the Role of Insurance Broker and Agent in an Insurance Industry

    An insurance broker and agent play a major role in the insurance industry. They are the key players to attract the customers to take the insurance. Most of the people need their help in selection of the insurance company and to choose which type of insurance is best suited for their need. You have to […]

  • 02.14.11Public Liability Insurance for Rental Property

    The rental insurance policy will protect a business or a person from the injuries caused or damage occurred to the third party’s property and also protects business or person from huge financial losses that may come in the form of claims and law suits. A person who is renting a home will be held responsible […]

  • 01.17.11Know About Difference Between the Public Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance

    The business interests are safeguarded by using the public liability insurance when there is a claim, against the business, which occurred due to injury or property damage. Both the individuals and businesses are covered by this policy. The company will be protected by this insurance policy from paying large amounts of compensation to the third […]

  • 01.3.11Rules of Public Liability Insurance

    Public-liability insurance provides coverage for damage and injury claims of third party. This policy protects the contractors and facility owners by providing coverage from accidental damages and injuries. A specific amount of coverage for business is required by some contractors, which involves the high risk operations. Public-liability insurance has some rules, like: Personal injury: Public-liability […]

  • 011.3.10Obtain Right Insurance for Your Small Business

    If you start a business, it is very difficult to understand the various insurance options for small business. Sometimes insurance company also cannot help you to choose right policy for your business. There are three types of commercial insurances, every business owner should consider them. Such as: Small business liability insurance: If your business assets […]