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Basics of Labor Laws

Individuals who are employed are protected by a variety of labor laws. These regulations give workers a security and rights within a work place. The main goal of this laws is to render a healthy and safe working environment. Employers who defy labor laws face suspension or a loss of license, penalties and fines and… Read More »

Stages of OSHA’s Inspection

OSHA starts its inspection process in several stages, once the complaint is reported in the OSHA office. So, if you are an employee or an employer of the organization, you must be aware of the inspection process; because, it can happen any time without a prior notice; and in fact, if anyone informs about the… Read More »

Employer Responsibilities under OSHA

If you are a business owner or an employer of an organization, then you have several responsibilities under OSHA. Do you want to know what your responsibilities are? Then, go through the below information. Keeping workplace free from recognized hazard and complying with OSHA standards OSHA requires employer to make health and safety as a… Read More »

Overview of Child Labor Laws

Along with employment labor laws there are certain laws for children and their employment. So, would you like to know what are the laws that child have and their regulations and restrictions? Then, read this article. Child labor laws Child labor laws are existed for protecting the rights of the children under the age of… Read More »

OSHA: All About Fire Hazard Exit Routes

Fire hazards at workplace are unprecedented occurrences and can happen anytime because of anyone’s fault. Fire fighting systems may help in bringing down the hazard but do not offer protection to employees in case hazard goes uncontrollable. Exit routes are best and are an effective resort in case of fire hazards. They ensure adequate protection… Read More »

Qualification and Responsibilities of a Lawyer

Qualification to become a lawyer Education qualifications: The qualification and the requirements to become a lawyer vary from country to country. Generally, the basic qualification required to become a lawyer is graduation from high school, bachelor’s degree and the candidates need to pass law entrance exam from a law university. To obtain a law degree… Read More »