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Posts tagged ‘Insurance’

  • 08.20.14Types of Car Insurance Coverages

    If you are planning for an insurance coverage for your car, you must first know the types of insurances that are available for car. Based on the requirements of your car you have to choose the type of insurance that is needed. These car insurances will cover you and your car in different ways. Some […]

  • 05.11.14Origin and Development of Insurance

    Insurance is an important need in modern business world. Insurance is promissory note. Insurance is a promise of reimbursement by an insurer when there is any loss by hazards to their clients, those who are paid previously for concerned hazard. The clients can be an individual or a firm or a group of either. In […]

  • 012.6.12All You Need to Know About Liability Coverage in Automotive Insurance

    Automotive insurance mitigates the risk of financial liability or loss a motor vehicle owner may face if the vehicle is involved in a collision resulting in a bodily injury or property damage. Some states have mandated to carry some minimum level of liability insurance for a motor vehicle owner. Motor vehicle owners or drivers may […]

  • 011.5.12How to Choose Travel Insurance?

    You planned your vacation but confused to choose travel insurance which protects you from various emergencies while during the trip either within one’s own country or in another country. However many of the agencies are providing many policies which covers or compensate for lost or delayed luggage, delays and disruptions of your schedule, emergency medical […]

  • 010.17.11Know the Role of Insurance Broker and Agent in an Insurance Industry

    An insurance broker and agent play a major role in the insurance industry. They are the key players to attract the customers to take the insurance. Most of the people need their help in selection of the insurance company and to choose which type of insurance is best suited for their need. You have to […]

  • 02.15.11Know About Insurance Claim Management System

    There is a huge improvement in the insurance claims management system because of the technological improvements. This change has been brought about by the introduction of insurance claim software in the insurance sector. Claims management software is sophisticated program that ensures timely settlement of insurance claims with clients. The claims management software covers the property, […]