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Posts tagged ‘Home Extension’

  • 15.30.11Plumbing and Heating Installations in Home Extensions

    Home extensions can include addition of a kitchen, bathroom, dining area and so on. It is necessary to install plumbing and heating appliances in such home extensions. Many contractors are available who provide the services of plumbing and heating to new and extended homes. Plumbing Systems: Plumbing systems are to be arranged for extended kitchens […]

  • 03.28.11Add Home Media Center as a part of Home Extension

    It has become popular to have extensions for a home media center. You can select and view your files including music, video or pictures in a flexible way on a large screen. Large television screens and surround sound systems in a home media center can provide a movie style ambiance. You can install home media […]

  • 03.27.11Home Improvement Including Two-Storey Extensions

    Many people tend to enhance their homes by two-storey extensions. It is considered to improve the quality of life and so have become popular these days. Consider the building costs related to the extension. The cost of constructing a two-storey extension is much higher than that of a single storey. However, the time, costs and […]

  • 03.26.11Home Extension to Provide a Swimming Pool

    Many home owners desire to have a swimming pool in their home. Home extension to provide a swimming pool is well for them. The costs of adding your swimming pool are almost similar to those of an ordinary extension. Hire a contractor for designing and building a swimming pool. Proper indoor pools need a proper […]

  • 03.25.11Annex, a New Way of Home Extension

    Some houses have little space for fresh air to come in and may reduce the comfort for the family members. Constructing a separate annex is the best solution to deal with the problem of less space. A building joined to the main building providing additional accommodations is called an annex. The main purpose of an […]