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Posts tagged ‘History’

  • 011.4.11Know How to Buy a Property with Prehistoric Mineral Deposits

    Buying a land with prehistoric mineral deposits is really interesting and exciting since we are not only buying a land but are also becoming the owners of the minerals beneath the land which bring us more benefits. So, whenever we are going for a purchase of such land it is important to note few points […]

  • 06.10.11Know About the History of Barrels

    Barrels are nothing but cylindrical containers which are made up of either wood, plastic, or stainless steel. These containers have a convex shape which are bound with iron or wooden hoops. Traditional barrels were made of wood and had an bulging shape at the middle. This structure of barrel makes it easy to roll and […]

  • 04.21.11Know About The Historical Developments in the Supply Chain Management

    The network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers that participate in the sale, delivery and production of a particular product or service is called as the supply chain. There are six stages which can be observed in the development of the supply chain management, they are: Creation Era: The term supply chain management […]

  • 04.15.11History of Barcodes – Modern Days

    The modern period of barcodes started from mid 1970’s. NAFC had established a committee which was intended to develop a barcode for grocery industry. It also called bids for the same. Among the participated companies in the bidding process, IBM was successful in winning the bid. George Laurer of IBM is the person who is […]

  • 04.14.11History of Barcodes – Middle Stages

    David Collins worked at Pennsylvania Railroad, developed the barcodes to address the problems faced in accurately tracking train cars. He developed a system called KarTrak with reflective stripes made from phosphorescent ink that can be easily read by light and pasted on train cars. He used blue and yellow reflective types, encoding a six digit […]

  • 04.13.11History of Barcodes – Early Stages

    Barcodes are used in various industries which helps the businesses to increase their efficiency and workforce productivity, there are mainly two types of barcodes one is the linear barcodes and the other is 2D barcodes. The idea of barcodes was first introduced by Wallace Flint in 1932 . He is the one who invented an […]