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Living Smartly Adds a New Section to Simplify the Confusing Area of Personal Financial Planning

Hyderabad, India – Living Smartly, a website dedicated to provide smart living tips to hardworking middleclass people, recently announced that it added a new section called ‘Personal Financial Planning Simplified’. Are you struggling to make right financial choices to save money? Do complex financial concepts and policies eat your brain? Then check this section called… Read More »

How to Create Your Landscaping Budget?

Bringing a beautiful look to your home is possible through landscaping. However, it is very expensive. You can also complete your landscaping project in your affordable range, provided you create a landscaping budget. Whatever may be the amount you wish to spend, create a budget planning for your landscaping project. Here is some information which… Read More »

Know About Terms And Conditions of Certificate Of Deposits

Certificate of Deposit is a debt instrument and it is purchased directly through the saving and loan institutions or Commercial banks. Certificate signifies that the investor deposited some amount of money at a specified rate of interest and for particular period of time. There are high interest rates than saving account because the money can… Read More »

Basics you should know before investing in Mutual-Funds

A mutual-fund is an investment to pool money from a group of people and invest this money in bonds or stocks or other investment securities and hire a portfolio manager. According to the style dictated by the fund’s prospectus, the fund manager then continues to buy and sell stocks. Before going for mutual-fund you should… Read More »

Simple Steps to Set Financial Goals

You can arrange a plan, implement and you can analyze your result of work and if any changes are needed then you can take changes by setting financial goals. Controlling day-to-day affairs of finance to get ability to do things and is the first step in personal financial planning and this can be accomplished by… Read More »