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Posts tagged ‘Enterprise Software’

  • 010.10.13Back up Procedures and Back Up Devices for Enterprise Computing

    Back up is very important to consider as it protects and restores your data from being lost permanently. Any major problem that may arise in system can lead to lose of important files. Back up prevents loss of data permanently.

  • 010.8.13Functional Units and Information Systems of an Enterprise

    An organization functions according to a specific set of goals. For this, they might have diverse functional units. These units make the organization its whole. Each unit has a distinct task to perform. Each functional unit of an organization works effectively with the help of information systems. Every functional unit of an organization works effectively with the help of information systems. In this article, we will discuss each of these briefly.

  • 010.3.13History of ERP

    In 1990, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) term was coined by Gartner Group. Today, ERP is not only implemented in manufacturing companies but in any company who want to be competitive advantage. It integrates all the software modules that support the internal business processes and gives a real time view of the entire organization. This helps in taking effective decision making to get high rate of returns on the investment. In this post, you will see the evolution of the ERP.

  • 07.24.13Threat to Enterprise Software (ES)

    As demand for the enterprise software (ES) grows, some of the software developing companies are ignoring the basic security issues while developing the enterprise software. This makes businesses vulnerable to threats. Businesses are also over excited about business rather than users and making the ES ineffective. Some of the major things that need to be […]

  • 07.24.13History of Enterprise Software (ES)

    Enterprise software is common these days for any business. Enterprise software has undergone many changes in its evolving phases. This article tries to point out the major changes it has undergone. Enterprise software is also called as “Enterprise system” or “Enterprise application software (EAS)”. Businesses/organizations deploy enterprise software, which works for their business and covers […]

  • 04.17.12Know About the Method of Deployment of Enterprise Software

    Enterprise Software is a software system. Installed on more than one site within an organization, enterprise software enables to control and manage the integrity of software. The standard software deployment is based on managing and controlling the software system on a single consumer site. The enterprise software deployment is an extended version of the standard […]