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Posts tagged ‘Economy’

  • 011.4.10Boom in Small Businesses: FSB

    As per the first quarter report of FSB, unemployment has increased to 2.5 million in UK. Because of high unemployment rates, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is expecting a boom. As per the FSB, about 300,000 people are expected to become their own boss and to set up their own small business because of high […]

  • 010.1.10Growth in Small Businesses through Legislation

    The legislation is allowing investors for excluding the profits in the sale of particular small business stock from their income with the intention of tax when a stock is on hold for more than 5 years. In this way it is encouraging investment in small businesses. Owners can get to access more private capital to […]

  • 09.4.10Know about Small Business Statistics in USA

    Based on Business News daily A small business should have less that 500 or 500 employees according to the US Small Business Administration. 99.9% of all US businesses represent firms fewer than 500 employees. 29.6 small Business in the US based on SBA estimates in 2008. 21.7 businesses have owner but no employees(2007) 52.2% US […]

  • 03.26.09Hotel Industry Posts Decline In January

    The US hotel industry posted significant decline in the month of January, this year. The reason is obviously the economic downturn, which compelled people to cut their expenditures on hotels and hospitality. The situation is same with many industries, due to the recession. STR releases the statistics for the decline in the hotel industry performances. […]

  • 03.26.09The Latest Hiring Trends Of Companies

    The recession is driving companies towards cutting on their jobs to more and more extent every day. We saw that many companies are simply slashing their jobs in order to comply with economic downturn. This doesn’t mean that they don’t require people to work. But they are looking for people who work more effectively for […]

  • 03.26.09Expenditures or Jobs – Which to cut?

    Why are companies into wild spree of job cuts? The answer is obviously – “to reduce extra costs”. Isn’t there a strategy other than slashing jobs that helps organizations to reduce costs? The answer might be “yes!” Before recession, when the times were extremely good, employees and their organizations were into lavish expenditures. Most of […]