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Stress and Drug Abuse in Teens

As per a recent study, 73 percent of teens say that school stress is the primary reason for drug use and it also showed that parents severely underestimate the impact of stress on their teens. There are many factors causing stress in the teens like the pressures of performing well in school and getting into… Read More »

Know About Physical Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a temporary or chronic attachment to drug. This drug addiction has detrimental effects on individual and also on society. There are many types of addictions and the symptoms of these addictions are similar. Physical symptoms of the drug abuse or addiction may vary depending upon the person and the drug being abused.… Read More »

What are the Side-effects of Opium Addiction?

Morphine, heroin, and codeine are three compounds of opium, considered as illegal drugs. A feel of euphoria or pleasure is given by the opiates and are being used though they are illegal. Several side-effects are associated with opium addiction. Some of them are listed here. Euphoria Decreased appetite Reduction in breath rate Nausea Drowsiness, Dizziness… Read More »

Facts about Drug Abuse and Addictiona

Drugs are the chemicals, which have susceptible impact on neuro-chemical balance of human brain that effects feelings and actions of an individual. Abusing drugs often or regularly leads to addiction. Although there is no particular age limit for drug addiction, earlier abuse causes more serious drug addiction. Reasons for addiction Every abuser has a different… Read More »

Drug Test Strips Provides a Wide Range of Marijuana Testing Solutions to Better Serve Its Customers

Released by: Drugteststrips.com Drugteststrips.com provides a wide range of niche Marijuana testing solutions to better serve its customers especially home users. These Marijuana testing solutions are available in oral, urine test formats as test cards and test cups. Drugteststrips.com, a professionally managed online drugstore is providing a wide range of Marijuana testing solutions to better… Read More »