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Dental Implant Procedure – Steps

Dental implant procedure is important to make sure the teeth are more functional. Before going for dental implant surgery, it is important to update the health status to the dentist. As with other cases, dental implant surgery involves a surgical procedure, and may last for 6-9 months. It totally depends on the condition of jaw bone, gums and teeth. In this article, we will deal with dental implant procedure.

Procedure for Crowning the Teeth

Crowning of teeth involves restoring teeth by capping the cavities in teeth. Crowing is essential when if there is large cavity that might finally lead to loss of the tooth. The crowning appliance is kept intact to teeth with a gluing material. In this article, we discuss briefly crowning procedure for teeth. Procedure Crowning involves… Read More »

Know About Dental Flossing and Its Benefits

Regular oral hygienic practices are essential to maintain the oral health. Brushing and flossing are the common things required for one and all. Well, let’s know here about dental flossing and its benefits. A dental floss, supported by plastic wands, aids in flossing. It removes the food particles that are trapped between teeth. The tight… Read More »

Know About Dental Insurance

With the increase of dental related problems, dental insurance has become must for every individual. Dental insurance is an agreement between an individual and the insurance provider, in which the insurance company agrees to pay some portion of the dental costs faced by the insurer (individuals). As many insurance companies are now coming up with… Read More »