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Database Marketing and Its Applications in Business

Database marketing is the most successful form of marketing used by the marketers on the internet through out the world. Database marketing involves analysis and use of customer databases to promote the product or service in the direct marketing. There are two types of marketing databases viz. consumer databases and business databases. The data of… Read More »

Steps For Designing a Professional Database

For successful implementation of successful database in an organization, there is a need for database blue print. This process is called as design phase which includes many steps. It includes four steps: Requirement Analysis: The requirements for the database are determined by the business by thoroughly understanding the system. To gather the information, businesses use… Read More »

Database Schema and Its Requirements

A database schema refers to the organization of the data to create a blue print in order to construct a useful database for an organization. It contains a set of formulas representing the integrity constraints and all these formulas are expressible in the same language. The conceptual schema which is created first is transformed in… Read More »

Know About Types Of Database

Database is the collection of information. As the data is organized and stored, a business can retrieve large amounts of data easily from the database whenever required. Database can be classified in to many types based on different criteria. Following are the types of databases: Analytical Database: Analysts may create separate database for online analytical… Read More »

Know About Benefits of Database

Database is a collection of information which is organized and stored, so that a business can retrieve large amounts of data easily from it whenever required. A business can get many benefits by implementing appropriate database. Some of them are: Information can be accessed fast from the large amount of data with the use of… Read More »