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Posts tagged ‘Automation’

  • 04.17.12Business Automation and Their Software in Brief

    Businesses automate the processes which they actually need, resulting in predictable and repeatable outcomes. Keeping the target customers in mind, solutions are designed to provide automation in typical businesses. To realize the business defined objectives in an efficient manner, business processes are defined by considering the organizations operational procedures. Business applications encounter more failures than […]

  • 02.10.12Automation in Engineering Services

    The automaton in engineering is mainly focused on controlling the process. The automation in engineering services enables smooth functioning of manufacturing process. Automation process measures the quality of the output and also improves quantity of the output. Automation system has the testing tools which are used to test the quality of the outputs. The automated […]

  • 010.11.11Know How Robotic Automation Improves Production Efficiency

    Robotic automation is important in production process. It plays a very important role in manufacturing industries. The most important thing in robotic and automation systems is it works with maximum accuracy and minimum errors, if any error occurs in the process the system will work against the error. In a manufacturing line, usually there are […]

  • 07.26.11L-Tron’s New Blog Enables Clients to Stay Abreast of Emerging Technology Trends

    Victor, New York – L-Tron Corporation announces the recent launch of a new weblog on its corporate website, with the main goal of sharing the company’s collective expertise and extensive knowledge with both clients and potential clients. The blog, which is updated several times a week, helps readers understand the direction of technology in the […]

  • 04.15.11History of Barcodes – Modern Days

    The modern period of barcodes started from mid 1970’s. NAFC had established a committee which was intended to develop a barcode for grocery industry. It also called bids for the same. Among the participated companies in the bidding process, IBM was successful in winning the bid. George Laurer of IBM is the person who is […]

  • 04.14.11History of Barcodes – Middle Stages

    David Collins worked at Pennsylvania Railroad, developed the barcodes to address the problems faced in accurately tracking train cars. He developed a system called KarTrak with reflective stripes made from phosphorescent ink that can be easily read by light and pasted on train cars. He used blue and yellow reflective types, encoding a six digit […]