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Rotary Screw Compressors – Popular Air Conditioning Compressors

Compressor is very critical for any refrigeration or air conditioning system. There are multiple variety of compressors like reciprocating, screw, centrifugal, etc., and are available in wide range of capacities and sizes. In this article we will learn about rotary screw compressor which is popular and commonly used in many commercial and industrial air conditioning… Read More »

Basic Components of an Automobile Engine

Engine is like the heart of an automobile. It generates power required for the operation of a vehicle. In this article, we will discuss the basic components of an automobile’s engine. Cylinder It is the most basic part of an engine. An engine cannot be made without it. It provides space for the movement of… Read More »

Types of Car Insurance Coverages

If you are planning for an insurance coverage for your car, you must first know the types of insurances that are available for car. Based on the requirements of your car you have to choose the type of insurance that is needed. These car insurances will cover you and your car in different ways. Some… Read More »

Difference Between Language, Communication and Speech

How is language, communication and speech different from each other? Are they same? Is there any difference? Yes, there is a difference between the three, but they have something in common that connects them to one another. Language involves what we speak, write, read, understand and to communicate ideas. Communication refers to conveying a message,… Read More »

Qualification and Responsibilities of a Lawyer

Qualification to become a lawyer Education qualifications: The qualification and the requirements to become a lawyer vary from country to country. Generally, the basic qualification required to become a lawyer is graduation from high school, bachelor’s degree and the candidates need to pass law entrance exam from a law university. To obtain a law degree… Read More »