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Know About the Science Behind Air conditioners

We use air-conditioner to beat the heat in hot weather. Temperature around the globe is on the rise and everyone feels the need to have air-conditioners in homes, cars, schools, offices, theaters, shopping malls, etc. Most cities are becoming temperate regions due to many reasons. Sun’s radiation and electrical appliances at homes/offices are the chief… Read More »

Know How a Glow Stick Works

Glow sticks are light emitting tubes which does not produce any heat. They does not require any electricity or any other sources like batteries to light. So, what makes them glow? The answer is just a chemical reaction. Long back in 1970s our scientists became successful in inventing two chemical components which emit light when… Read More »

Evolution of Glow sticks

Glow sticks are widely used for different purposes all over the world. Especially in military they are of immense use. Many departments in the military are using them. Less weight, small size, single source of energy, non fire producing factor made them so helpful in many rescue operations. Many of us are not aware of… Read More »

Know About the History of Barrels

Barrels are nothing but cylindrical containers which are made up of either wood, plastic, or stainless steel. These containers have a convex shape which are bound with iron or wooden hoops. Traditional barrels were made of wood and had an bulging shape at the middle. This structure of barrel makes it easy to roll and… Read More »

Instructions to Build Submersible Fishing Lights

Submersible fishing lights are used under water, to attract fish. These waterproof fishing lights can be submerged to the depth of the water. There are few instructions to build the submersible fishing lights, such as: First take an empty 2 ltr bottle and put nuts and bolts into it until it sinks in water. Later… Read More »