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  • 04.16.15Simple Steps to Take Care Your Dentures

    Dentures when implanted have to maintained and care should be taken properly to avoid unnecessary and costly repair. Caring your dentures helps in maintaining your over all mouth health. It may be either a partial or full dentures they have to be kept in good condition and for this the following guide provides you with […]

  • 04.15.15Get to Know Diagnodent Makes Caries Detection Easier

    Diagnodent is a handy laser instrument. This technology is used to scans teeth for detecting any hidden decays if present. It helps protect and preserve the functionality of the tooth. Building up of bacteria on the occlusal or smooth surfaces of teeth and gums, leads to form a soft sticky layer called plaque. The bacteria […]

  • 02.24.15Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

    Traditional dentistry deals with oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating oral diseases, while cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of person’s smile, mouth and teeth. Technological advancements made cosmetic dental treatments more predictable and durable than in past years. Cosmetic dentistry treatments usually includes: Composite bonding: It helps to repair or correct the […]

  • 08.28.14Causes and Symptoms of Gum Diseases

    Gum diseases are the inflammation of gums which is due to the infection in gingival tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Gum diseases are due to the development of plaque in the mouth. Causes of gum diseases Build up of plaque: Plaque is the main cause of gingivitis. If untreated it leads to periodontal diseases. […]

  • 08.21.14Know the Causes & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

    Oral cancer is a uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells. The oral cavity comprises mouth, lips, gums, teeth and the tongue, etc. Causes of oral cancer Causes of oral cancer are: 1. Tobacco Tobacco causes oral cancer. Chewing tobacco products and smoking cigarettes are responsible for oral cancer. Tobacco products cause cheeks, gums or lip cancer […]

  • 07.30.14Porcelain Filling Dentistry and Their Benefits

    Porcelain filling filling in dentistry aims to restore and the natural look and fill the deficit of teeth. Porcelain filling even advantageous over composite fillings, and are durable, stronger and natural looking. Earlier, porcelain filling was used only for front teeth but now this is used almost in all the areas of preparing the fillings […]