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Posts from the ‘Small Business’ Category

  • 08.20.16Different ways to make online revenues

    When you are in business, you obviously think about taking your business online whether or not you are prepared to face the potential risks associated with it. Once you start a website, you try to improve internet presence so that your business will be exposed to the customers world wide. This process is quite normal […]

  • 08.13.13Factors Affecting the Security of Software Applications

    Want to know factors that are creating pose threats to your software applications. Well this blog helps you know what are these issues. Many software developers are centered exclusively on software functionality and never focus on security beyond accessing the password. In the field of business software development, very less professionals on information security are […]

  • 07.24.13Threat to Enterprise Software (ES)

    As demand for the enterprise software (ES) grows, some of the software developing companies are ignoring the basic security issues while developing the enterprise software. This makes businesses vulnerable to threats. Businesses are also over excited about business rather than users and making the ES ineffective. Some of the major things that need to be […]

  • 07.24.13History of Enterprise Software (ES)

    Enterprise software is common these days for any business. Enterprise software has undergone many changes in its evolving phases. This article tries to point out the major changes it has undergone. Enterprise software is also called as “Enterprise system” or “Enterprise application software (EAS)”. Businesses/organizations deploy enterprise software, which works for their business and covers […]

  • 011.4.10Boom in Small Businesses: FSB

    As per the first quarter report of FSB, unemployment has increased to 2.5 million in UK. Because of high unemployment rates, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is expecting a boom. As per the FSB, about 300,000 people are expected to become their own boss and to set up their own small business because of high […]

  • 011.3.10Obtain Right Insurance for Your Small Business

    If you start a business, it is very difficult to understand the various insurance options for small business. Sometimes insurance company also cannot help you to choose right policy for your business. There are three types of commercial insurances, every business owner should consider them. Such as: Small business liability insurance: If your business assets […]