5 Stress Relief Activities to Reduce Your Stress Level

By | December 20, 2017

In today’s world, there is one single factor which connects all the urban people irrespective of social, economic, geographic and demographic differences and it is stress. Whether you are a student or a corporate honcho, if you lead an urban life, you are bound to be affected by stress. Now, to eliminate the root cause of stress is not always in our control but the ways to deal with it are. So, here are some of the activities that are known to have positive impact on stress.

  • Deep Breathing- Stress causes severe headaches, neurological afflictions, and in extreme cases hallucinations and even nervous breakdown. This happens due to improper blood flow to the brain. Deep breathing relaxes nerves and the muscles and facilitates blood stream getting more oxygen. Blood flow improves and reaches brain without interruption to reduce the stress level, blood pressure and the stress causing hormone called cortisol. If you practice deep breathing or yoga everyday even for 15 minutes, you will feel the difference.
  • Long Walk or Jog Amidst Greens- Long walks or jogging has a positive effect on stress level. It works best when you do it in lawn, park or garden. Staying close to nature relaxes your mind and body and even before you notice, you start unwinding yourself. If such a green patch is difficult to manage, stick to walking. This physical activity is very important. It will give you a momentary break from the stress causing factors and you will feel refreshed. If you are at a walking distance from your office or the institution you are attached with, try commuting on foot or try cycling. You will feel better.
  • Gardening- Gardening is, according to the experts, the best stress relief activity. Creation brings joy. Gardening gives that pleasure. When you plant a seed, you wait to see it germinate, grow and then flower. Every phase gives you a sense of pride, an achievement which works best for stress. Also, staying in touch with the soil connects you with our primal state. Best part is you don’t need a sprawling garden or lawn for this activity. Try balcony and patio gardening, effects will be no less. There cannot be a better reward for all the hard work than a healthy blooming plant.
  • Music- If you are a music lover, stress cannot stay with you for much longer time. Immerse yourself in some kind of music and close all your other faculties. There is no limit of choice. You can listen anything your heart wants to. You don’t have to restrict yourself to binaural beats or soft soothing music. If heavy metal suits you, go for it. But shut yourself up from the rest of the world for at least 30 minutes every day. Your stress level will be reduced to a considerable level.
  • Pursue a Hobby- In our young days, we all had some hobbies which took a back seat once our career took driver’s seat. Dig it up from the layers of time and brush it up. I can be anything- writing, stitching, knitting, mountaineering, blogging or cooking. Give yourself some space and start on with your hobby. You will be amazed to rediscover yourself. By doing this, the remote to your stress level will be in your control.

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