Pros & Cons of using SaaS services

By | June 19, 2017

SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to the way of delivering software over the Internet to the connected users. The service is provided to the customers through devices that are connected to the internet without worrying about buying any hardware, software, updates and maintenance costs. It is also considered as a web based or on-demand software where organizations can opt for storage of software or data on cloud and can access the same through internet. SaaS is typically offered on subscription basis where the cost depends on the service taken by the customer.

Pros & Cons of Saas
The service providers have all responsibility of server and customers do not have to buy or update the software. No need of buying another licensed software for additional users. The subscription can be increased or decreased depending on the users who share the application.

Eliminates Additional Costs
Since the software is rented by an individual or organization it eliminates the maintenance and installation. Especially, sharing of software and data through cloud is more helpful to SMBs (small medium business) because most of them cannot afford licensed applications.

Easy Access
SaaS concept is based on cloud computing, so that it can be easily accessed in remote areas through desktop or any mobile device. This helps in better sharing of data among users as everyone sees the same information at the same time.

Saas services provide safety and saves lot of time on installation and configuration as all the data is managed by the third party cloud service provider. This also helps in easy recovery of data in case of business emergencies.

Slow Speed
SaaS application is slower compared to server applications. Since SaaS services are operated over the internet with the increase in number of users it can slightly affect the speed.

Less SaaS Applications
Though the usage of SaaS is growing in IT industry, still many applications and software are not available on hosted platform. This will make the organizations depend more on third party hosted software platforms rather than on self-hosted applications.

Network Dependency
As we know SaaS is purely based on Cloud Computing and can be accessed only if the device is connected to internet, the application is network dependent. In case if internet connection goes down or the device is not in network then you won’t be able to seek the services.

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