Retrofitting of Industrial Fans

By | November 18, 2015

Centrifugal FanRetrofitting is changing one or more parts of an equipment to make design modifications so that it improves the effect of existing performance. Fan retrofit is a profitable exercise for companies and have a great impact on company’s yield, profit and safety. Almost all type of centrifugal fans and axial fans can be retrofitted.

Need for retrofitting

  • Optimization of existing fans
    • Retrofitting of industrial fans involves adding of a component to the existing fans system in order to achieve increased performance.
    • In fans, retrofitting helps in changing the system resistance either to increase or decrease it.
    • If system resistance did not match with the pressure at the best efficiency point, the fan will not deliver its best output. System resistance is a kind of pressure demanded by system connected to fan for a given flow rate of gases.
    • As the retrofitting is done, in the working area itself an individual can have their choices on how to modify the system.
  • Economic alternative
    • Retrofitting is an economic alternative as there is no need to buy an entire new system. It also involves less time for installation.
    • Retrofitting involves simple part assembles which does not require skilled labor. This requires man power who can work for lesser pay than more skilled workers.Centrifugal Fan
  • Regulate pollution
    • Retrofitting indirectly helps in controlling the pollution as the performance of the fan is increased. Due to performance increase, a fan will perform more work at the same given input. Secondly, when the fan is retrofitted the amount of contaminant gases will be effectively taken out of the work place and this helps in regulation of pollution.

Key ways of retrofitting

  • When the flow of a fan is reduced, rotor and inlet cone are replaced in order to enhance flow and pressure for the same input power of an industrial fan.
  • Industrial fan also consists of small parts which are to be modified to obtain increased efficiency. The parts which are involved are casing of fan,Centrifugal Fan inlet boxes, dampers and silencers etc.
  • Bearings in fan are one of the most important parts. The life of a fan depends on the working condition of bearings. Retrofitting of bearings will ensure more life and lesser maintenance.
  • Industrial fan consists of rotating parts, which cause wear of the material. Changing the material of construction of rotor or any other parts of fan will result in good wear life.
  • Retrofitting also involves design changes and modifications for lesser noise and power consumption.

Retrofitting is a better alternative to optimize the fan performance. This enhancement process is very cost-effective, advantages and requires less time span.

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