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Aug 13 / kpcuser4

Factors Affecting the Security of Software Applications

Want to know factors that are creating pose threats to your software applications. Well this blog helps you know what are these issues.

    • Many software developers are centered exclusively on software functionality and never focus on security beyond accessing the password.
    • In the field of business software development, very less professionals on information security are there to develop.
    • Whenever a software is developed during the system development life cycle (SDLC), security is not considered as an important part. They just focus on functionality.
    • Computing professionals have habituated to receive applications that are with many bugs and errors. After they receive, they will try to solve or fix the issues by applying patches.
    • Software vendors are getting attracted to fast-rated development without assigning needed resources to security and are directly making packages available in the market due to the high competition in development market.
  • Here software developers are developing the software security in the ratio of security inversely proportional to operation. The more they focus on security controls, the more the users suffer to operate that software. So, here developers should focus on balancing security and usability.
  • Due to lack of importance to security in the earlier programming education, many professionals ignored to develop security applications.
  • In most projects, most of the inexperienced software developers were involved in projects because of the shortage of skilled application developers.

So, experience in software development can helps the developer avoid errors.

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