Know About Nicotine Saliva Test

By | January 10, 2011

A nicotine test can be conducted in many ways for checking tobacco users. These include urine test, blood test, saliva test, and hair test. Let us know about nicotine saliva test. Using saliva test, nicotine or its byproducts are detected in an individual’s saliva. Most of the nicotine saliva tests detect for the presence of cotinine which is a metabolite of nicotine.

Before conducting a cotinine test, it is to be known that the metabolites may be fully expressed in the body in approximately one week. However, a nicotine saliva test can easily detect the most recent use of tobacco. Nicotine saliva test is a painless and rapid procedure. Saliva sample is collected from the mouth through a swab. In order to get a rapid result at home or office, a test cartridge is used. More precise results can be obtained by sending the swab for laboratory analysis.

Saliva nicotine test is very much used because it is most inexpensive and is a non-invasive method of detection. So it can be used at any places. Nicotine and cotinine can be detected for 7 to 10 days after tobacco use. Any means of adulteration of results cannot be done by the person. This is because the sample is taken directly from the mouth. Many saliva nicotine test kits are also available that are used at various companies and homes.

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