Side Effects Of Perfumes

By | September 20, 2010

By spraying your perfume you always feel pleasant. But you are not aware about the harmful side effects of using perfumes. You may be wonder thinking of the fact that behind the sweet smell why the harm are associated.
Because of the chemicals usage in the preparation of the perfumes the health problems occur. Exposure to the chemicals should be as low as possible. As you are applying directly to skin they cause many diseases.

Side effects of perfumes:
If you have a lot of problems with allergies or you are taking a sinus medicine regularly then one of the main problem may be you are using the perfume in excess or your family members are using the perfumes in excess. In a survey, it has been estimated that about 2% of the population in developed countries are suffering from the allergy for fragrance. Some of the main problems which are being associated with the perfumes are:

  • Headaches
  • Eye irritation(watery eyes)
  • Loss of coordination
  • Cancer
  • Defects in Birth
  • Irritation in the nose and throat
  • Forgetfulness
  • And in some cases cancer
  • Lung diseases
  • Effects of brain
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Every one will not be affected with perfumes. Again all the symptoms will not be found at-a-time in only one person. Some of the chemicals cause sinus problems and also causes asthma. Skin problems are caused as a side effect of using perfumes. Rashes and allergies might result.

So, always while buying the perfume go for natural ones and care must be taken in applying the perfumes don’t spray excessively.

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